Crew member thriving at work and loving life

Couples with Maritime Licences

26 Years of age or older

The Selection Process for the

+26 Year Old Couples Team with marine licences

We are open to interviewing couple teams year round

Selection Process

Be part of a professional crew of three, including the captain, chef, and deck/stewardess, working together as a cohesive team, operating a yacht, and delivering world-class itineraries.

Guests will experience the best all-inclusive holiday, sailing on board a luxury catamaran that offers quality and comfort with the adventure travel spirit, enjoying the knowledge, experience, and nautical skills of a captain alongside vibrant, honest meals designed and prepared by a culinary professional.

Superyacht Apprenticeship Program

The primary role of the Captain/Master is to ensure the safety of all crew and guests while onboard.

The Captain/Master also has the following responsibilities:

  • The safe navigation and operation of the yacht at all times.
  • Ensuring the cleanliness and stowage of the yacht are in good order, both on and off guest services, and maintenance of all technical and general aspects of the yacht are kept to the highest standard, including regular maintenance checks and services according to the maintenance activity plan.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date logbook, recording hours, passages, and mileage. Additionally, maintaining accounting records, ensuring that it is always up to date and that expenditure is within the allocated budget.
Guest Services
  • Thoroughly familiarise yourself with every aspect and logistical arrangement of the itinerary before departure, and provide daily briefings to guests for the upcoming day.
  • Provide a welcome brief covering safety and relevant yacht information, including the location of safety equipment.
  • Organise water sports activities and shore-based excursions as required, as well as provide information about the local areas visited.
  • Provide basic instructions for all water sports available onboard, and ensure activities are safely executed. Support the team as and where needed.

It is the responsibility of the Cook/Stewardess to uphold and enforce the philosophy and culture with which the vessel is run with the main focus on executing perfection in the galley, on guest services, and positive attitude within the company.

The Cook/Stewardess also has the following responsibilities:

  • Assisting with the safe navigation and operation of the yacht at all times.
  • Ensuring the smooth and pristine operation of the interior of the vessel.
  • Daily, weekly and periodic cleaning and maintenance of all crew and guest areas as per the schedule.
  • Ensure laundry is completed daily.
  • Assist the team with all elements of deck work as required.
  • Maintaining accounting records, ensuring that it is always up to date and that expenditure is within the allocated budget.
Guest Services
  • Menu planning and provisioning in accordance with the guest’s dietary requirements
  • Supporting the Captain/Master in hosting the guests, organising water sports and shore-based excursions as required, and providing information about the local areas visited.
Superyacht Apprenticeship Program
  • Provision for crew and guests as required and according to the fleet schedule, ensuring sufficient healthy food, beverages and snacks are available.
  • Manage the ordering, delivery, quality, and quantity of the lunch and dinners are satisfactory.
  • Ensure the galley and equipment is kept clean and organised at all times.

The execution of the above responsibilities is not limited to the specific person but is shared amongst the whole team.

We are Serious About Our Interview Process

We are looking for people who want to invest and excel in their Maritime careers.

Crew that are not only passionate about their maritime career but want to eagerly pursue a professional career which surpasses the current industry standard.

We only interview candidates who have completed the Progressive Crew Career Programme E-Learning Package listed below because the results of this demonstrate that you are dedicated to pursuing a career in this industry.

Progressive Crew Career Programme Logo

A comprehensive and subsidised E-learning Programme designed to give people aspiring to be crew on yachts a solid foundation and core knowledge to move towards having a professional career in the Luxury Yachting Industry.

Supported and endorsed by:

Endorsed by Human Rights at Sea

A human rights consultancy specialising in the maritime environment globally

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All Courses Below Are
Included In this E-Learning Programme

Get instant access to all these online courses and earn the opportunity to be selected for a fully funded Luxury Yacht Apprenticeship.

12 months unlimited access
Completion certificate
164+ lessons across 7 modules
Bonus reference materials
Employment Opportunity
Stream anytime, anywhere
Self-paced, online training
Get a step ahead of your peers

To apply, successfully complete the E-Learning programme with a high aptitude score and have the following qualifications:

Qualifications we are looking for in a captain:
  • Commercially endorsed Yacht Master Offshore
  • Current Medical Fitness Certification
  • Previous experience on a similar vessel in a leadership position
  • Proficient mechanical & technical skills on similar-sized vessels and systems
  • Experience with various water sports activities
  • Service/Food & Beverage experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experienced administrative and budget management skills
  • Language Skills (desirable)
Superyacht Reference Material Online Course
Qualifications we are looking for in a Cook/Stewardess:
  • STCW
  • Current Medical Fitness Certification
  • Previous experience on a similar vessel in a leadership position
  • Culinary experience
  • Food handling/health and hygiene certificate
  • Service, housekeeping, and laundry experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experienced administrative and budget management skills
  • Competent Crew/Day Skipper or equivalent level of experience, and Powerboat Level 2 (desirable)
  • Language Skills (desirable)

As an organisation we are passionate about supporting people to become the best they can be.

Superyacht Reference Material Online Course

The More You Learn, The More You Develop,

The More You Earn, The More You Give Back.

Is bigger really better when starting your career?

The allure of working on a “Super Yachts” and “Mega Yachts” exudes glamour, opulence, and the opportunity to cater to ultra-high net worth clients, which are the drawing cards for most newcomers to the industry. However, what is not often recognised is that there is limited opportunity for growth, or progression, as crew are most often compartmentalised to a specific role, and task within a department.
When it comes to starting a career, the notion of “bigger is better” is not always what is best for those who are serious about a professional career in the Luxury Yacht Industry. Starting on a smaller yacht provides a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge of the tasks and responsibilities in all departments.
On a smaller vessel, individuals are required to work across multiple departments and perform a variety of tasks, which allows for a well-rounded understanding of the requirements of the industry. The hands-on experience offered on smaller yachts enables candidates to develop a strong skill set and adaptability which, prepares them for future challenges in their career.
So, while bigger yachts may have more appeal, the all-round knowledge and experience acquired from starting on smaller yachts, can prove to be invaluable in the long term by providing the opportunity to excel in the industry much faster.
Working on a Small Luxury Yacht vs Large Luxury Yacht
360° Tour of a Small Luxury Yacht
360° Tour of a Large Luxury Yacht

Know Your Industry Options – Learn More

If you are not sure about starting a long-term career in the Luxury Yacht Industry access the world’s most comprehensive and succinct career guidance tool here, and find out what to do, when to do it, and where to do it, at your own pace.

Click here to sign up today.

Testimonials from couples that work with us

Hear more about the career success from the people that have completed the programme.

We are beyond proud of all of the crew that have been a part of our team and all that they have achieved in their professional career.

The hard work and dedication they have put in to their education and training, is reflected in the mature accomplished seafarers they are today.

Congratulations on your incredible success, and how you have furthered yourself in the yachting industry and beyond.

Graduated Crew Couple Testimonial

How to get started

Superyacht Apprenticeship Program

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for starting a career at sea in this position?
Age 26+ on the moment of starting. You will also need a valid biometric passport and pass the final test of the e-learning course.
Can you enrol and get placement if I do not have a partner?
These positions are only available for two people as a couple.
How long will it take to complete the training online if I am doing it part-time and working?
The system gives you 12 months to complete the course to allow people wanting to enter the industry plenty of time to learn the information and for those with other daily commitments. For industry professionals, it can be completed in 10 -14 days to complete with a high score.
What is the process after completing the online course modules?
After the completion of the course, your scores will be reviewed, and if successful, an interview will be arranged.
I need to give my employer notice – when would it be safe to do so?
It is best to complete the E-Learning Programme first, receive your score, and complete an interview.
How often will I be able to go home and visit my family?
All seafarers are entitled to 38 days of annual leave per year.
Is the Certificate internationally recognised?
The industry qualifications earned onboard are internationally recognised. On completion E-Learning, you will achieve a Certificate of Completion.
What documents should I provide if I am selected?
A valid biometric passport, additional documents and visas (if required)
Do I require any other certification if I am selected?
Yes, you have to obtain the following:
  • STCW (Basic Safety Training)
  • ENG1 (Medical Fitness Certificate)
Please visit Academy by Ephemeris to guide you if you want more information regarding the above.

Online Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Certificate include all departments?
The E-learning programme was designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the entire operations of each department on a luxury yacht, to ensure you know precisely what it takes to run a vessel and to equip you with the knowledge for making an informed decision about entering the industry.
Can I get a job if I don’t complete the Certificate?
We only interview candidates who have successfully completed the E-Learning Programme. Click here to sign up today, by selecting Get all for $299 at the top of the page.
Can I cancel at any time?
Once you have purchased the course, it is non-refundable and is valid for 12 months.
What happens If I fail a course exam?
You have unlimited access to each module. If you take a course test and fail, you can still carry on with all the other modules. It is important to go over the courses as often as you need to ensure that you are confident to write the exam and pass it.
What are the minimum technical requirements to complete the courses?

You will need a good internet connection and a laptop, tablet or phone. Streams require a bandwidth of at least 5 Mbps, with a supporting browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

  • All devices that run iOS 9 +
  • Those are:
  • All mobile devices from iPhone 4s +
  • All iPads from iPad 2 +
  • All iPad mini devices
  • All iPod touch devices of the 5th generation and higher.

All devices that run Android 5 +

Who can participate in the PCCP E-learning modules?
The winners are chosen twice a year, in January and July.