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The heart of the Coral Triangle – Raja Ampat has no equal, with the best waters and most abundant marine life in South East Asia. Known as the ‘Four Kings’, it boasts pristine sailing conditions. Described by scientists as a biological hotspot – and called by travellers the most beautiful island chain in all of South East Asia – Raja Ampat makes an everlasting impression.

Raja Ampat is one of the world’s most captivating cruising grounds in one of its most beautiful and least explored paradises.

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The gentle waters of Raja Ampat hide a treasure trove of 75% of all known species of coral, as well as 3,000 species of fish, giving it the highest level of marine biodiversity on the planet. The jungle-covered emerald isles entice the intrepid explorer, and the beaches, too, beguile the senses.

Remote Sailing

Majestically named the ‘Four Kings’, Raja Ampat is renowned for pristine sailing conditions and uninterrupted views of sparkling ocean as far as the eye can see.

Marine & Coral

Expand your underwater horizons in the heart of the Coral Triangle, where lush coral walls gradually – and spectacularly – drop off from five to 900 feet.

Island Life

It’s not all about the ocean. The islands are home to an intriguing mix of verdant forests tumbling into intricate mangroves and palm-fringed coastlines.


Thanks to the Indonesian through-flow, the water is as clear as gin. The diving and snorkeling grounds are some of the best on the planet.

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Island adventures

Walk the mangrove forests to discover the hidden 5,000-year-old ruins and cave petroglyphs, or hike the dense jungles and be rewarded with panoramic views of the mushroom-shaped karst islands. You can also adventure on a village excursion or witness a unique tribal experience.


When not under sail or in the water, the Seabobs, Fliteboards and stand-up paddle boards are rolled out. Meridian’s toys are state of the art, and the laughter from the water after a morning of unparalleled diving is a fitting soundtrack to an exceptional day.

Scuba diving & snorkelling

The real beauty of Raja Ampat is its remoteness, boasting some of Indonesia’s most pristine reefs, home to everything from pygmy seahorses to wobbegong sharks. The underwater scenery rivals the views above of karst islands rising straight out of the aquamarine waters.


For the bold and the adventurous, paddleboarding evokes a sense of immersive exploration unlike any other out there. Take it up a notch for a night journey. It heightens the senses in a way few others will get to experience.

Discover an underwater


Raja Ampat’s waters are remote, protected, and biologically productive, making it one of the best places to encounter lush coral walls that gradually drop to 900 feet. The serene turquoise waters surrounding the islands hold a riot of colour just below the surface. Nestled in the heart of the Coral Triangle, one of the most biodiverse and cardinal marine epicentres in the world, Raja Ampat offers an abundance of natural beauty.

With about three-quarters of the world’s coral species found in Raja Ampat, it is one of the best places to encounter an intricate tapestry of bountiful marine life. It truly is no surprise that this area is often referred to as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of this region because of the astounding range of fish and coral species found here, with more than 300 coral species on record. An underwater wonderland awaits.

A pristine tropical


The interior of the island is home to lush forests, dense jungle, intricate mangroves, palm-fringed coastlines and powdered white beaches. The East and West of the region are dominated by a maze of arresting limestone pinnacles that rise straight out of the ocean, each covered in vegetation, like something from Avatar’s Pandora.

Spend some time out of the water and trek through the completely untouched forests, packed with unique flora and fauna, all unique to this region of the world. Indonesia does not only have the largest biodiversity of marine species, but is also known for having more than an estimated 23% of the world’s mangroves along its coastlines, which makes up about 3 million hectares of mangrove forest.


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