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The Aegean Coast is one of Türkiye’s most beautiful and unspoilt historical regions, home to the remarkable Ephesus ruins and honey-coloured stone that bears witness to thousands of years of civilization. Embark on an unforgettable all-inclusive luxury sailing adventure from Hidden Bay Teos, exploring the azure waters along the Aegean coastline. Under sail, head for the less explored Greek islands. The cobbled streets and stark white and blue structures offer traditional cuisine and crafts, golden beaches and warm, calm water. Here, people live much as they have done for hundreds of years.

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Escape to unparalleled peace and tranquility aboard a luxury crewed adventure sailing voyage through the captivating Cyclades islands. Steeped in traditional architecture, these islands offer many sacred places, both ancient and modern. Dive into gin-clear waters teeming with marine life. As you snorkel, keep an eye out for playful octopuses, curious seahorses, or even the elusive Mediterranean monk seal. These pocket-sized paradises offer endless possibilities for the intrepid explorer, with pristine beaches that will leave you breathless.

The beauty of our bespoke itineraries lies in their flexibility. We can craft sailing adventures across Türkiye and the Greek islands, tailored to your pace and interests. Together, we’ll design the perfect route to uncover the most captivating islands and sights that resonate with you.

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Explore the
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the Aegean ocean.

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Ocean Exploring

Taking in the world from the deck of a yacht is an experience unlike any other. Under sail, you glide almost soundlessly across the waves, leaving you space to appreciate the small sounds of nature. Visit coves and beaches only accessible by boat. Jump off the deck to swim the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, and truly experience the wonder and magic of the ocean.

Island Adventures

Each stop along the way is unique, with every village and island offering its own hidden gems, friendly people, architecture and traditional crafts and cuisine. The Aegean is perhaps most famous for its beaches, but its ancient sights are the most intriguing.


Although there’s so much to see from the water, there’s just as much on land. Explore the unearthed ruins of majestic Ephesus, and learn about the ancient city of Izmir, known as Smyrna in ancient times. Each stop features cultural, historical, and beautiful sights to satisfy all your senses.


Snorkelling in the Aegean is a gentle activity. Explore underwater caves and forests of kelp hiding tiny seahorses and intelligent octopuses. Coral and sponges are in abundance, as are fish. The unusually colourful rocks are a result of the volcanic subsoil.

Discover an island


Small natural pools and sea caves are some of the many things that make the Izmir coast and Aegean islands destinations a treasure. On land, go hiking and wander the old villages, where you can buy traditional arts and crafts. Of course, no trip to this blue paradise is complete without immersing yourself in the cuisine. Expect an abundance of seafood and fresh, locally grown vegetables and locally made goats’ milk cheeses.

Walks through the rugged landscape give rise to many small adventures, with myriad sacred places dotted around the islands, from ancient temples to the resting places of many of the gods of yore. A fitting afternoon after an energetic morning spent exploring and discovering is a few lazy hours spent on a secluded beach along emerald-green waters, before a meal in a traditional restaurant and an almost surreally beautiful sunset.

A pristine Mediterranean


The turquoise waters surrounding the islands hold a riot of colour just below the surface, from the volcanic rocks to the many corals. Here, you encounter an intricate tapestry of marine life. The calm waters, too, are a playground for the energetic – swim, snorkel, paddleboard, Fliteboard, and for the adrenaline-driven, there are Seabobs for surface and underwater fun. Raise the heart rate on an otherwise tranquil afternoon.

On land, traditional restaurants serve the food for which the Aegean is famous – the kofta and kebabs of Türkiye and the olives, feta, fish and baklava of Greece. You’ll need fuel for all the playing, after all. Gentle lapping of sea on yacht, and soft folk songs on the wind is the soundtrack of the evening.


Leave every detail of your journey to our team, who will curate an utterly bespoke experience for you based on your interests and desires. Contact our team of experts to reserve, or explore ways to tailor your journey: